Programs @ CHRIST University

Advanced Excel Modeling for Analytics

Advanced Excel and Functionalities course is specially designed to impart practical skills that are in line with industry best practices. The course enables a student to apply advanced Excel skills such as Lookups, Data Validation, Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis to financial datasets.

Advanced R and Python for Financial Analytics

This program would enable you to perform applied Financial Analytics through R and Python. You will learn to to read and write financial datasets using R/Python.You will learn how to analyze various financial datasets. You will learn how to apply empirical and theoretical modeling to build quantitative models and run simulations in R/Python. You will build Pricing Analytics, Risk and Portfolio Analytics. You will know how to build and optimize Portfolios in R/Python.

Certified Capital Markets Program (CCMP)

This program would prepare you for applied Capital Markets knowledge. You will learn regarding the fundamentals of Financial Markets and Asset Classes. You will understand how assets are traded and various market conventions. Through this program, you will be exposed to practical training in Financial Markets areas include Financial Derivatives, Option Trading Strategies, Portfolio Modeling and Hedging for Equity/Fixed Income Markets. You will also understand Market Microstructure, Order Book Dynamics and Algorithmic Trading setup.

Moody's Certified Analytics Program with Bloomberg

Through this program you would have access to 50 hours of Bloomberg terminal, which is the most globally used Financial software by Investment Banks and Brokerages. We will teach you how to build flexible, dynamic and scalable Financial Models in Excel with Bloomberg as the underlying Financial database. We will maximize your professional development and learning as a Capital Markets expert through hands-on and applied sessions in important domains. You will eventually develop your understanding of applied capital market concepts, frameworks and models in important domains such as Equity Research, Derivatives Research, Trading, Risk Management and Portfolio Management.

Trading program_EduEdgePro

The Program would develop your understanding of important market trends, market regimes & build your ability to conceptualize trading strategies spanning multiple asset classes using our professional trading framework. The participant would learn key trading strategies, trend identification, robust risk management techniques & effective position management that would help the participant time the markets effectively. The delivery methodology involves powerful, detailed & interactive lectures combined with live/simulated trading sessions focusing on market analysis & trade execution.