UK Wraps, Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) and Pensions are an important category of asset classes for UK Investment Management industry. They are a collection of a pool of assets that offer massive tax advantages vs holding individual units. This Program is ideally suited for those participants who want to understand what are these tax-efficient structures, how are they constituted, how are they run and administered and investment restrictions and taxation for various types of structures.


On successful completion of the program, you would be awarded the professional certification in UK WRAPS, ISAs AND PENSIONS” by Moody’s Analytics and EduEdgePro.


  • Learn the UK Wraps, Pensions and SIPPs and ISA structures
  • Understand the concept of Collective Investment Schemes and the different allowable CIS schemes in above structures
 Fast Facts

 Certified by :
 Moody’s Analytics and EduEdgePro

 Modules covered:
  • Introduction to Collective Investment Schemes
  • UK Wraps and Platforms
  • ISAs – Introduction, Investment Rules and Considerations
  • ISAs – Withdrawals, Closures and Death
  • Pensions and SIPPs
  • Benefit Crystallization and Fund Drawdown
  • Investor Communication
  • Registration, Settlement and Distribution of Income
  • Important Regulations for Wraps, ISAs and Pensions

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  • Understand important Fund categories such as UK Wraps, ISAs, Money Market Funds, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, UCITS Funds, Unit Trusts, OEICS, ETFs, REITS, etc
  • Understand how the Withdrawals, Closure and Death implications for UK Wraps, Pensions and SIPPs and ISA structures
  • Understand taxation implications for above structures
  • Learn advanced topics in Wrap and ISA Administration, Taxation, Corporate Actions and Income Distribution
  • Learn the regulatory framework emcompassing these structures


This course is aimed at those who wish to explore the more advanced aspects of Mutual Funds to build a career as:

  • Mutual funds research analyst
  • Entry level analysts
  • Institutional salespersons
  • Financial consultant
  • Financial analyst
  • IFAs
  • Investment Analyst
  • Institutional Sales
  • Asset manager
  • Distributor/ broker
  • Index fund manager
  • Product analyst
  • Portfolio Managers 


Section 1 - Introduction to Collective Investment Schemes

This section introduces Collective Investment Schemes – overview, Fund types and mechanics of Funds

Overview of Collective Investment Schemes

  • Introduction to Collective Investment Schemes
  • Open-ended schemes – Unit Trusts, OEICs
  • Close-ended schemes – Investment Trusts, ETFs
  • Offshore Funds
  • Money Market Funds
  • Onshore & Offshore Investment Bonds
  • Hedge Funds, Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds
  • Single and Dual Pricing
  • Taxation of Collective Investment Schemes

Administration of Collective Investment Schemes

  • Administration of Collective Investment Schemes
  • Creation/Cancellation of Units/Shares
  • Book Keeping and Book Cost Calculation
  • Charges and Expenses of Collective Investment Schemes
  • Distribution of Income, Equalisation
  • Investor Communications – Financial Statements, Portfolio Statement, Statement of Total Return, Contract Note, Stock Transaction and Renunciation, Tax Vouchers, Income Payments

Section 2 - UK Wraps and ISAs

This section explains how a Fund is constituted. It covers Fund Constitution, Roles and Responsibilities of various stakeholders and various Regulatory Controls for a Fund

UK Wraps and Platforms

  • Introduction to Wrap Platforms
  • Why Invest in a Wrap Account
  • Types of Wrap Accounts – ISAs, SIPPs, Investment Bonds
  • Wrap Account Providers
  • Operational Wrap Business Flow
  • How does Wrap Account work
  • Transferring Wrap Account
  • Concept of Nominee Account
  • Platforms and IFAs

ISAs – Introduction, Investment Rules and Considerations

  • What is an ISA
  • Stock and Shares ISA and mechanics
  • Cash ISA and mechanics
  • ISA Legislation
  • Investors and Application
  • Investment Rules and Restrictions
  • Account Income and Tax Claims
  • Account Holders Rights and Protection
  • ISA Manager’s Charges and Expenses

ISAs – Withdrawals, Closure and Death

  • ISA Withdrawal
  • ISA Closure
  • Scenarios of Closure and Implications
  • Disallowed combination of ISAs
  • Voiding of ISAs
  • Death of an Investor
  • Transfer Procedures

Advanced Products

  • General Investment Account (GIA)
  • GIA vs ISA
  • Bed and ISA
  • HISA
  • Lifetime ISAs and Implications
  • Switching between structures

Section 3 - Pensions and SIPPs

This important section dwelves deeper into how a Fund is priced, administered and settled. It covers Investment and Borrowing powers of a Fund; Pricing and Investor Transactions; Registration, Settlement and Income Distribution; and Taxation for Collective Investment Schemes


  • What is Pension
  • Why Pension
  • Types of Pension Schemes and Products
  • Occupational Pension Schemes
  • Personal Pension Schemes
  • Define Benefit and concept of DBO
  • Defined Contribution schemes

Benefit Crystallization and Fund Drawdown

  • Drawdown from Pension Schemes
  • What is GAD and respective calculation in pension drawdown
  • Pension Protection & Lifetime Allowance
  • Benefit Crystallization
  • Different kinds of Benefit Crystallization
  • Annuities and Lump-sums and Tax implications
  • Death of Investor


  • What is a SIPP
  • Standard assets in a SIPP
  • SIPP vs other pension schemes
  • SIPP Tax benefits
  • Mechanics of SIPPs
  • Eligibility and Investment Limits
  • Death of an Investor and Implications on SIPPs

Administration of Pensions

  • Taxation of Pension Schemes
  • Transfer Payments in Pension Schemes
  • Administering a Pension Schemes
  • Tax Reliefs Claim Process (Pre Funded & Non – Pre funded)
  • Transfers & Re-registration (including Fund Platforms)

Section 4 - Advanced Topics

This section covers advanced topics in Collective Investment Schemes such as Investor Communication; UK Wraps and Platforms; ISA – Rules, Restrictions and Considerations; and important Regulations for Collective Investment Schemes

Investor Communications

  • Financial Statements
  • Portfolio Statement
  • Statement of Total Return
  • Contract Note
  • Stock Transaction and Renunciation
  • Tax Vouchers
  • Income Payments

Registration, Settlement and Income Distribution

  • Requirements for the Establishment, Maintenance and Contents of a Register
  • Sub-Registers for Savings Plans and ISAs
  • Settlement of Funds
  • Income and Distributions
  • Income Equalisation and Tax Vouchers
  • Annual and Half Yearly Reports and Accounts


  • Corporate Tax and Income Tax on the UK Wraps, ISAs and SIPPs
  • Tax Implications for Investors
  • HM Revenue & Customs Information Reporting
  • Taxation for Offshore Funds
  • Income, Dividend and Capital Gains Tax Implications

Important Regulations for Wraps, ISAs and Pensions

  • Retail Distribution Review (RDR)
  • UCITS Funds and Directives
  • FATCA – Scope, Reporting, Due Diligence, IGAs
  • Pensions Freedom


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