The program is structured to give the user a complete perspective on the debt and money markets from theory to application. Participants will learn some of the most common debt & money market instruments along with their features used in the world.


On successful completion of the program, you would be awarded the professional certification in “DEBT & MONEY MARKET” by Moody’s Analytics and EduEdgePro.


  • Detailed Credit Analysis Frameworks for corporate and financial risk and risk analysis from lenders perspective
  • Excel models for bond pricing, duration and yield curve
  • Exhaustive reading material covering detailed 4 sections outlined below
  • Practical hands-on Debt & Money Market useful for careers in treasury, banks, debt capital market
 Fast Facts

 Certified by :
 Moody’s Analytics and EduEdgePro

 Broad Coverage:
  • Overview of Debt Capital Markets
  • Bond-An Introduction
  • Pricing a bond
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Yield Curves
  • Credit Ratings
  • Overview to Money Markets
  • Money Markets Instruments
  • Money Market Deposits
  • Money Market Operation

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  • Provides a comprehensive review of the structure and workings of the Debt & Money Markets
  • Understand Basics of Bond Pricing and Yield curve analysis
  • Understand concept of clean price and dirty price in bonds
  • Comprehensive coverage on money market operations
  • Knowledge of Fundamentals of money markets instruments
  • Comprehensive knowledge of money market operation


This course is aimed at those who wish to explore the more advanced aspects of Debt and Money Market to build a career in the below areas:

  • Corporate Finance /Corporate Treasury
  • Capital Markets
  • Audit / Product Control /Risk Management / ALM
  • Research & Analysis
  • Sales & Trading
  • Investment Management


Section 1 - Debt Markets

In this section basic of debt market is covered. Further basics of bonds along with related terminology and important concepts are discussed.

Overview of Debt Capital Markets

  • Characteristics of Debt Capital Markets
  • The differences between equity and debt products
  • The differences between loans and bonds
  • Hybrid securities
  • Securitization

Bond-An Introduction

  • Bond definition
  • Bond Issuer & Bond Investor
  • Types of bond
  • Bond characteristics
  • Zero Coupon Bond
  • Price/yield relationship
  • Government bond markets
  • The Eurobond market

Section 2 - Bond Pricing & Credit Ratings

The objective of this section is to explain bond pricing. Concepts of macaulay and modified duration and convexity are introduced in this section. Yield curve is also explained in. The participant will learn how credit rating agencies work and how credit ratings are provided.

Pricing a bond

  • Pricing a bond using DCF
  • The concept of accrued interest
  • Clean vs. dirty prices
  • Using the yield to maturity to analyze a bond’s price

Sensitivity Analysis

  • The determinants of sensitivity
  • Macaulay and modified duration
  • Using duration as a measure of sensitivity
  • Taking convexity into account

Yield Curves

  • Constructing a basic yield curve
  • Yield curve shapes
  • The inferences of different yield curve shapes

Credit Ratings

  • Credit risk
  • The credit rating agencies
  • Credit rating conventions

Section 3 - Introduction to Money Markets

This section is aimed at understanding the fundamentals of money market and money market instruments along with its features. Market Participants and risks involved in market are also covered.

Overview to Money Markets

  • Objectives
  • Introduction to Money Markets
  • Components of Money Markets
  • Interest rates in the Money Markets
  • Market Participants in Money Market
  • Risks involved

Money Markets Instruments

  • Introduction
  • Coupon bearing instruments & features
  • Discount instruments &apm; features

Section 4 - Money Market Operations

This section includes of all money market operations like Liquidity Management, money market operations, trading opportunities, overnight Call Money Market, Repos and Reverse Repos, CBLOs etc.

Money Market Deposits

  • Introduction to deposits
  • Terminology of deposits
  • Mechanics of deposits
  • Clearing and Settlement systems

Money Market Operation

  • Fund Management
  • CRR Maintenance
  • Liquidity Management
  • Money Market Operations
  • Managing banks' surplus funds
  • Trading opportunities in Money market
  • Overnight Call Money Market
  • Repos and Reverse Repos
  • CBLOs, Marginal Standing Facilities
  • Other Products/Services – CDs, Refinancing, etc


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